Minimising the risk of glass contamination

A simple mishandling accident involving your lighting can easily result in contamination and even injury as thousands of glass particles are spread over a wide area. Fragment retention lamps, or coated fluorescent lamps, offer the solution. They provide protection during and after installation, removal and disposal.

These lamps are used extensively in food processing, pharmaceutical plants, supermarkets, hotels, schools and collages, and hospitals.

Exceeding the standards

Our full range of both T5 and T8 coated fluorescent lamps meet the requirements of hygiene and safety audits within the agriculture, food processing, packaging and pharmaceutical industries.

Our fluorescent lamps provide 20,000 hours of protection, far exceeding the minimum requirement for EN 61549 European Standard.

The special tough fluoropolymer coating has a maximum continuous service temperature of 200°C. It retains its mechanical properties throughout the life of the lamp. This ensures glass retention at end of lamp life which is crucial.

All coated lamps supplied by PLS will comfortably operate in IP65 fixtures due to their excellent performance at high temperatures.

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